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Title: Great Service

I had some of my 8mm Camcorder tapes transferred by Rob Smith at Digital Transfers and I couldn't be happier with the service.

- Pauline Monk

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Title: Great Result - Good Work

We have had VHS and Hard Drive videos converted to DVD and Digital formats by Rob at Digital Transfers. The work is excellent and I thoroughly recommend his services.

- Bruce White

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Title: Personal and Professional

I cannot recommend Rob enough. He transferred some 1960's slides to CD's for me. He did his best with poor quality slides. He was very professional but also added a personal touch. He went above and beyond for me and I am very grateful for his expertise and care. I am very happy with my CD's.

 - Karyn Packham

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Title: Great service and wonderful results

I have had all my old VHS tapes that were taken when the children were little digitalised.
Great Results and dealing with Rob was a pleasure!
I can not recommend Rob enough

- Urte Clifton

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 Title: Great Service and Great Result

I had a tricky VHS tape that needed converting to DVD but it was in very poor condition. Rob worked persistently and went above and beyond until he figured out why the quality was so bad, and then managed to return a great quality digital version to us. Thanks, Rob it was much appreciated and I would recommend his services to anyone.

 - Bec Lillis

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Title: Memories are Priceless

Thanks, Rob you did an excellent job converting our old VHS tapes onto DVD's. A job that I have been meaning to do for a while. I am glad we did because now we can a great time viewing those precious memories. You were very professional and you went out of your way for us. We can't thank you enough. By placing all digital files onto our small hard drive, we have them forever. I highly recommend his service.

Well done

 - Manuel Pereira

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 The third time I have utilised Rob's expertise and highly commendable service.

 - George Patching









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