VHS-DVD - Southern Suburbs - Perth WA

VHS and Camera Tapes to DVD's

Transfer VHS and Camera Tapes to DVD's

Contact us for a quote for VCR & VHS Video Tapes to DVD. Perth WA Competitive prices and quick service for transfer of VHS tapes to DVD.

Ensure your memories are kept in a digital format by transferring VHS tapes to DVD.

We transfer VHS analogue Video to DVD movies for most Tape Formats and sizes.

Convert Home Movies to a suitable format to upload to IPad & IPod devices.

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Convert 35mm Slides to DVD's

Convert 35mm Slides to DVD's

Have your valuable 35mm Slides converted to digital images and imported into a highly visual DVD without the need for a slide projector.

When your slides are scanned you will receive all images on a CD and will have an option to have us make up a well prepared professionally made DVD, which presents all slides as animated with pan and zoom and backed by appropriate theme music.

Transfer your valuable memories to DVD or Digital Files to keep them in a great condition.

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Digital Photos to DVD's

Transfer your Digital Photos to DVD's

If you have recently joined the Digital age by buying a Digital Camera, we can help you make the most of your photographic efforts while on holidays.

What will you do with the digital photos that you have taken while you were away, now that you are back home?

Mostly people transfer them to a computer and hide them away on an internal Disk Drive and only watch them on a PC if they don't forget they exist.

Why not have them transferred into a professionally made DVD that you can watch on any DVD player or send to family and friends to share your memories.

A professionally made DVD will add all of your selected digital images to a DVD with background music and pan and zoom animation to your individual images.

While you are away PLEASE REMEMBER, photo orientation is everything. Too often holiday makers take far too many Portrait images on Telephones or Tablets that will detract enormously with the wasted vision down each side of the Digital Picture. Call us before you leave to get some ideas.

Prices will vary depending on playing time, type of still file and correctness of orientation.

Call us on 0438 311 240 to discuss your options.

8mm Film to DVD's

Old 8mm Film can be transferred to DVD's

Imagine if you could watch all of your old Super 8mm & Standard 8 movie film on your DVD player.

We can transfer all old Super 8 & Standard 8 film to DVD's before they dissolve away with time.

After the digitizing process, all sections of film will be digitally joined together, added to a movie file and backed up with some entertaining music that complement your family history.

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LP's and Audio Tapes to MP3's and CD's

Transfer all of your LP's and Audio Tapes to MP3's and CD's

Turn your Audio Tapes or LP's into Digital MP3's or CD's

Have you got a collection of treasured Audio Tapes and LP's that you would like to transfer to Digital MP3's and CD's, why not have them transferred, so that they can be added to your CD Collection or uploaded to your new media players.

Convert your Audio Tapes & LP's to CD so that your aging tapes and LP's can be restored.

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Utilise the Digital Files to Playback Direct on New Smart TV

Utilise Digital Files Created as part of the Tape Transfer Process to Play Direct on Your New Smart TV

As part of the process of completing the transfer of vision from VHS and Camera Tapes, to a DVD, a Digital File is created which can then be prepared to play direct on your New Smart TV.

Either in addition to or in replace of DVD's, a clean version of the Digital File can be created and suitably named so that it can be played directly on your New "Smart" Television Set.

Not only does this provide a permanent Digital Backup copy of you Digital Library, but it also provides simplicity, safety and portability of your precious memories.

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